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305 He ascends tbe Turret 306 Addresses bis Subjects 307 Is dangerously wounded 308 Hb Grief and Humiliation 308 CHAPTER IL STORMING of THE GREAT TEMPLE.— SPIRIT OF THE AZTECS. Preparations for Defence B* 390 391 39a 393 395 395 39Ö 396 397 397 399 40X 40X 403 403 xviii CONTENTS. XV PAGB Gallantiy of Cort^ 302 Resolute Bearing of the Aztecs 303 Cort^ zequests Montezuma to interpose .... — Embassy from Mexico Spaniards arrive at Tlascala Friendly Reception Feelings of the Tlascalans Spaniards recruit their Strength Their further Misfortunes Tidings from Villa Rica Indomitable Spirit of Cort^ . Their Remonstrance The Genenü's resolute Reply Jealousy of the Tlascalans Cort^ strives to allay it Events in Mexico . When they had arrived within half a league of Iztapalapan, they observed a number of canoes filled with Indians, who appeared to be labor- ing on the mole which hemmed in the waters of the Salt lake.

You can search through the füll icxi of ihis book on the web at | //books. Their route lay along the eastem border of the lake, gemmed with many a bright town and hamlet, or, unüke its condi- tion at the present day, darkened with overhanging groves of cypress and cedar, and occasionally opening a broad expanse to their view, with the Queen of the Valley rising gloriously from the waters, as if proudly conscious of her supremacy over the fair cities around her.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to Copyright or whose legal Copyright term has expired. .3 Gty of Cholola 3 Its Historf 4 Religious IVaditions 5 Its ancient Pyramld 6 Texnple of Quetzalcoatl 7 Holy Clty 8 Magnificent Soenery 9 Spaniards Icave Tlascala 10 Indian Volunteen 10 Anny enteis Choltüa za Brilliant Reception za Envoys from Monteznma Z4 Suspidons of Conspiiacy Z4 Fidelity of Marina Z5 Alanning Situation of Cort^ ...... xix PAGS Player of the High-priest 433 Guatemozin elected Emperor ....... FAGB Arrangements at Tezcuco.— Sack of Iztapalapan.— adv antages of the spaniards.—wlse poucy of Co RTts.— Transportation of the Brigantines . xi Cort^ detaches Sandoval to their Aid xa Difficnlt Situation of Cort^s 13 His sagacious Policy 15 Makes Overtures to Guatemozin 17 ßpirit of the Indian Emperor 17 The Brigantines are completed 19 Sandoval detached to transport them 19 Signs of the Massacre at Zoltepec ao Reaches Tlascala 21 Transportation of the Brigantines 22 Joy at their Arrival 2a Reflections 23 A» V vi CONTENTS.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. 16 Intrigues with the Priests zj Interriew with the Caciques ....... — Rb- FLECTIONS ON THE MASSACRE.— FURTH ER PROCEEDINGS. 434 Preporcs for War 435 Amonnt ofthe Spanish Force 436 Cort^ reviews bis Troops 436 His animated Address 436 Nnmber of the Indian Allies 437 Tbeir brilliant Array 438 Military Code of Cort^s 439 Its Puipose 440 Its salutary Provisions 440 The Troops begin their March 443 Designs of Cort^ 443 He sdects his Route 444 Grosses the Sierra 445 Magnificent View of the Valley 446 Energy of Cort^ 448 Affidn in Texcnco ......... 3 Headquarters at Tezcuco 3 Cort& distrusts the Natives 4 N^otiates with the Aztecs 5 City of Iztapalapan ... CHAPTER IL FACB CORTfe S RECONNOITRES THE Ca PITAL.— OCCUPIES TACUBA. — EXPEDITION OF Sandoval,— Arrival of Reinforcements . 25 Cortös reconnoitres the Capital 35 Action at Xaltocan a6 Spaniards ford the Lake 37 Tow DS deserted as they advance ......

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, cultuie and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. z8 Nigfat-watch of the Spaniards 20 A* V VI CONTENTS, CHAPTER VII. — Envoys from Montezuma ai • • * Preparations for a secret Assault Natives collect in the Square The Signal given . 449 Spaniards arrive there 450 Overtures of the Tezcucans 450 Spanish Quarters in Tezcuco 45z The Inhabitants leave the Town 453 Prince Ixtlibcochitl 453 His yonthful Excesses 455 Disputes the Succession 456 Becomes the £aist Friend of the Spaniards .... a8 Beautiful Environs of Mexico 38 Cortds occupies Tacuba 39 The AUies fire the Town 30 Ambuscade of the Aztecs 31 Parlcy with the Enemy 33 Single Combats 34 Position of the Parties 34 Spaniards retum to Tezcuco 35 Embassy from Chalco ....... « The city of Tezcuco was the best position, prob- ably, which Cortfe could have chosen for the head- quarters of the army. buffoons, and jug- glers, 158, note„ Treatment of, by Nezahualcoyotl, 170.

Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this flle - a reminder of this book's long journcy from the publisher to a library and finally to you. PAGB CTTY OF CROUTLA.— Glt XATTEMPL£.^MA2t Cn TOCHOLULA. Teirible Massacre Onset of the Tlascalans Defence of the Pyramid . 457 Life and Writings of Gomara 457 Of Bernal Diaz 459 «n ^ steigt) -0-. 36 Sandoval is detached to defend it 37 Takes Huaxtepec 38 Storms Jacapichtia 39 Puts the Garrison to the Sword 40 Countermarch on Chalco 41 Cortnts to Cort^ 395 He leaves the City 396 The Commission of the Royal Audience .... It supplied all the accommoda- tions for lodging a numerous body of troops, and all the facilities for subsistence, incident to a large and populous town.' It furnished, moreover, a multitude of artisans and laborers for the uses of the army. (3) 4 SIEGE AND SURRENDER OF MEXICO, « • allies ; while its vicinity to Mexico enabled the general, without much difficulty, to ascertain the movements in that capital. 5 it, so that the brigantines, when put together in the capital, might be launched upon its waters.

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