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"Clearly, the person who created this did so from their imagination or did so hoping that the liberal media would run with this fake story for whatever rationale they might have."And Trump shot back against the reports a short time later on Twitter.

His former campaign manager and current senior White House adviser, Kellyanne Conway, also denied the claims during an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, adding that "nothing has been confirmed." She also said Trump was "not aware" of any briefing on the matter.

The documents have circulated for months and acquired a kind of legendary status among journalists, lawmakers, and intelligence officials who have seen them.

Mother Jones writer David Corn referred to the documents in a late October column.

Harry Reid spokesman Adam Jentleson tweeted Tuesday that the former Senate Democratic leader had seen the documents before writing a public letter to FBI Director James Comey about Trump's ties to Russia.

And CNN reported Tuesday that Arizona Republican John Mc Cain gave a "full copy" of the memos to Comey on Dec.

And his account of the night shift at the troll factory’s American division sheds even more light on the inner workings of the Russian-sponsored effort to influence U. They were also behind hugely popular Twitter accounts, some of which were retweeted by Trump campaign officials and even Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

And the troll factory had ordinary Americans organize rallies at its behest.

Pulitzer-prize winner Mark Schoofs is the investigations and projects editor for Buzz Feed News.We did the most ridiculous things we could think of.”Baskaev worked at the factory from November 2014 to April 2015, mostly writing posts on political forums online. Another time, he recalled, “our idiots” made a video that supposedly featured an African-American soldier shooting a Quran.Once, Baskaev recalled, Russian propaganda-makers thought they hit the “sensation” jackpot with a fake video of a black man and a woman who looked like Hillary Clinton having sex. But, Baskaev laughs, the man turned out to have an African accent.9, but that the FBI already had copies of many of the memos.Ken Bensinger is an investigative reporter for Buzz Feed News and is based in Los Angeles.

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