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To remind motorists to line up a sober ride, the Department of Public Safety teamed up with volunteer actors to spread awareness about the dangers of driving impaired and the importance of planning ahead.

The commercial is currently running across the state through the Super Bowl both on television and online.

In Minnesota the amount of information, and the scope of individuals to whom information is released, is indicated by the risk level assigned to the offender by an End of Confinement Review Committee (ECRC) established by the notification law, and operated by the Department of Corrections (DOC).

The higher number risk level assigned to the offenders, the more information can be released, and the broader the audience that will receive that information.

Minnesota has several resources to help families address issues that may be noticed.

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The intent of the legislature was as follows: "If members of the public are provided adequate notice and information about an offender’s release, the community can develop constructive plans to prepare themselves." Community Notification allows some information about some offenders to be converted from private or confidential information to public information.DHS introduced a framework for a health care reform initiative that will improve the health of Medical Assistance and Minnesota Care enrollees and lower the cost of care. Offer feedback online, via email or attend a public meeting.Renewal notices are coming to many Medical Assistance and Minnesota Care members.Level Three offenders have been determined to be at the highest risk for re-offense out of all of the three risk levels.Law enforcement may notify all individuals and agencies included in Level One and Level Two notifications, and may also distribute information about the offender to everyone else in the community.

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