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Windows 8 brings more than just an interface and app-running capability.

It's also a set of services, courtesy of the new Microsoft Account (which any Hotmail, Xbox, Messenger, or account can supply) and Sky Drive.

The company's line is that it's a "no-compromise" proposition—a touch-friendly environment for tablets combined with the ability to run all your existing Windows programs.

I've been using and writing about the operating system in both its pre-release versions and the RTM (released to manufacturing) version for over a year now.

These make for lighter, longer-battery life tablets.

But there are serious limitations with Windows RT, which you can read about in 6 Things You Should Know About Windows RT.

The Store also keeps track of which apps need updating.Another is between Windows 8 and Windows RT, the latter of which will only run the new style apps and desktop apps specifically updated for it (such as Microsoft Office).RT is designed for devices, usually tablets, such as Microsoft's own Surface RT, centered on mobile processors using ARM designs.I consider the new hybrid tablet/PC operating system compelling, beautifully designed, well-thought-out, and fast.And its upgrade price of .99 for users of all Windows versions back to XP represents a new level of value from Microsoft.

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