Carbon 1213 dating

The bulk of the woody material was dated, and one of the largest fragments, AA-40741 (GU-9186A), was separately dated by AMS.

There is a difference between the two results but given the uncertainties associated with the sample, the magnitude of the difference is not too unreasonable.

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Calibrated radiocarbon dates are presented using the 2-sigma values which account for 95.4% of the probability of the date falling within that particular range.

All samples are calibrated using CALIB4.4 -the atmospheric terrestrial calibration curve of Stuiver et al. for the MR1 samples, both the atmospheric and marine calibration results are presented.

By many experiments over the past three decades, geologists have learned which types of rocks and minerals meet these requirements and which do not.

There are a number of long-lived radioactive isotopes used in radiometric dating, and a variety of ways they are used to determine the ages of rocks, minerals, and organic materials.

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