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The lovely pair was blessed with a baby as a daughter Frankie-Jean on Dec 27, 2010. She has played good enough role in her career as well as a wife and a mother.

Though from her Twitter, some information has been revealed that she also has a boyfriend named David King from New York who is still friends with her.

Glenda Jackson will make a dramatic return to the theatre after an absence of more than a quarter of a century – during which time, as a Labour MP, the House of Commons was her stage – to play Shakespeare’s tragic King Lear.

Warner revealed she met Jackson just before Christmas to discuss what was then merely the possibility of tackling Shakespeare’s tragedy.

She was born in San Diego County on February 3, 1982.

Her natural hair color is ginger but she changed it because of her important role in the Legend of the Seeker series.The very gorgeous and stunning American actress Bridget Regan was born on Feb 3, 1982, in San Diego County in California.Her ethnicity is Irish and grew up in a Catholic family. She got married to Irish Eamon O’Sullivan in Tokyo, Japan.Bridget Reagan was born February 3, 1982 in California, USA. She began with acting as a child but her first famous role came in 2008 when she started working on Legend of the Seeker series.Today, Bridget has reccuring roles in two series, Beauty & the Beast (where Kristin Kreuk plays main character) and White Collar.

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