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Mine was a blind date and I still shudder at the thought!! This was back in the 80s and I was TOTALLY into punk rock: black mini skirts, black leather jacket, black leather fingerless gloves, black leather ankle boots, black lipstick, black eyeliner, black wings sprayed in my hair.... One friend knew and when we went clubbing, NO ONE knew who I was. This beat up, dark gray Chevy Nova pulls in and parks. The guy who got out was wearing dark gray WORK pants and ~gulp~ a PUMPKIN ORANGE long-sleeved shirt. Except now he's talking about how he'd smacked her around a few times because, well, sometimes women just need to be hit. He whisks me away to a bar where I am not carded (I was 20) and he buys me drinks. Blonde, my secret Punk Rock persona had a reputation as a woman you did NOT mess with - I was a fighter who took down any man who attacked. Now, I have been on a few really bad dates but I have one funny one!I worked with a gal whose brother called her at work and I often answered the phone. He was divorced, no kids, and "looks like me, but he's skinnier". He was skinny...except for that big ol' beer gut hanging over his belt. I decided to NOT judge a book by its cover and soldier on. He opened the car door for me...because he didn't want me to touch the inside of the door and get grease on my hand. I was loving the attention but not the loud screaming band in the background. Not that ERNEST knew that, but I would and could have kicked his arse!! I decided after my divorce to give online dating a try.He had a GREAT voice and we'd make small talk until she was available. I say I am ready to leave and he takes me back home where he proceeds to try to get past numerous bases with me which I shut down really quickly. A few days later, one of my friends tells me that apparently, at the party, she overheard some guys were pointing out who was an "easy target" and he thought they were pointing at me. Woman, you are LUCKY he didn't drug your drinks or rape you. I chat with this guy for a couple of days and we decide to meet at a local restaurant.Anyhoo, one day, she said, "Ernest was wondering if you'd like to go out some time." Yes. He only had one picture online and I was not one of those who asked for more and he didn't either.Again, I had been told by so many how fussy I was with guys, so I must be the one who's wrong for finding it weird that he blatantly paid for his meal but not mine. As I was driving out of the parking lot, someone cut us off. Me - sure you can - AT YOUR FIANCEE'S HOUSE many years later, I ran into him at an annual charity event here in town. I had not heard that they got divorced because she caught him cheating on her. I told her it was none of my business and left it at that.

Get therapy." I walked to the bar, used the phone to call my Dad.

After seeing him yell several times at people that they have just signed their death warrants, I was a little concerned. I started training in karate (coincidence) and got my black belt years later and I still think of what an ass Romeo was and that he was likely not a black belt or he wouldn't have spoken that way. (we were paying separate and he was super cheap) He yelled at me when we were eating dinner at his house because I LOOKED at his dog while I was eating. Anytime we went anywhere together, we either drove separate or he rode in my car. I said how do you know where I live and he said Val from the group told him. At the restaurant we order wine and have a few glasses. I think we are ready to order food but he orders another bottle of wine instead. It was a photo album of a trip he took to some island.

One night after having a few drinks with my friends. I thought if she asked me one more time I might meet the guy. I said how nice the pictures were and asked when did he go.

So he comes over and wouldn't you know it...was just a ploy to get into my apartment so he could try to put the moves on me.

The whole happy hour thing was a conspiracy to get me out with this guy, I found out later.

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